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Before working with Copper, I spent 4 years at successively

I spent all of my childhood and teenage life reading about 50-100 books per year. The only sanction my parents had found that would have any impact on me was: “That’s it, you’re not allowed to read for X days.”. And that would still simply lead me to ruin my eyes reading under my blanket with a lamp torch at night. I read about science, history, literature. I studied Latin, Ancient Greek, and philosophy.

I thought I understood lots.
Obviously, I didn’t: I had zero life experience.
But it did give me deep knowledge roots and consumption habits.

Later, I spent the first 3 years of university studying the world through the prism of theoretical mathematics and physics, chemistry, and molecular biology. I taught physics and chemistry at university. Although incredibly enjoyable and useful, I realised those were not providing anything close to an exhaustive mental frame to truly understand the world beyond physical reality.

I then spent the following 3 years studying economics, quantitative finance, management, and strategy. I plunged myself into behavioural sciences and evolutionary psychology.

Still not enough to truly understand what matters.

I worked in strategy consulting, asset management, and built and lead product teams in two different Fintechs. I lived in several countries, worked with incredibly smart and successful people, learnt a third language and culture.

Guess what - it helped, but still not enough.

I also experimented a lot on the side: human psychology through professional magic tricks, decision-making under stress through private plane piloting and mountaineering, personal resilience through barefoot running and some MMA.

5 years ago, I also started writing and publishing online.

This forced me to think about how I actually consumed and processed knowledge, how I made decisions, and how I actually thought. I started mapping them, analysing them, and fixing them. I started seeing my blind spots much more clearly, and I learnt more in a first year of writing in public than in any other.

The last catalyst was my wonderful daughter, and wondering how I could save her some of those 30+ years of trial and error. I still don’t think I know much - or at least nowhere close enough of what I would want to know - but I understand much better how to learn and apply what truly matters.