Danny Dreyer


A Revolutionary Approach to Effortless, Injury-Free Running


  • visualise straight posture with mirror
  • lean forward in straight posture
  • pick up pelvis with lower abdominal muscles
  • pick up feet while walking
  • let limp lower legs hang

Running checklist

  • keep lower leg limp
  • visualise wheels
  • 170-180 cadence
  • swing legs to the rear
  • keep lower back, hips and glutes relaxed
  • arms folded 90 degrees
  • pull back elbows
  • relax wrists and elbows
  • hands do not cross centerline
  • arm swing leads the cadence
  • relax shoulders and neck
  • visualise column and feet hitting at its bottom
  • visualise being pulled by a bungee cord
  • ‘keep your knees low and your heels high’