Data & Analytics

The CIO challenge: Modern business needs a new kind of tech leader

Five traits of a transformative CIO

  • Business Leader
    • Learn the business inside and out
    • Take responsibility for initiatives that generate revenue
    • Get on boards
  • Change agent
    • Partner with business leaders
    • Articulate the ‘why’
    • Have an integrated plan that highlights risks and dependencies beyond IT
  • Talent Scout
    • Reimagine how to attract tech stars
    • Build up internal talent
  • Culture revolutionary
    • Build a true engineering community
    • Model and support true collaboration
  • Tech translator
    • Make the business implications of tech decisions clear

AI Career Pathways

  • Data Science
  • Mathematics
  • Machine Learning
  • Software Engineering
  • Algorithmic Coding
  • Communication
  • Business Acumen

Global AI Survey: AI proves its worth, but few scale impact

Aligning AI strategy to business goals

  • We have an AI strategy with a clear enterprise-level road map of use cases - 3.9x
  • The AI strategy aligns with our broader corporate strategy - 2.5x

Investing in AI talent and training

  • We have in place an active continuous-learning program on AI for our employees - 3.5x
  • We have people in translator roles who communicate with employees across the analytics and business functions - 2.3x

Collaborating across functions

  • Cross-functional teams, including AI professional and peoples in the business, work together on specific problems - 2.7x

Applying strong data practices

  • We have a clear data strategy that supports and enables AI - 3.3x
  • Well-defined governance processes are in place for key data-related decisions - 2.8x

Establishing standard protocols and repeatable methodologies

  • We have standard AI tool sets for data and analytics professionals to use - 4.2x
  • We know how frequently our AI models need to be updated - 3.9x
  • We have techniques and processes in place to ensure that our models are explainable to people across the organization - 3.2x

Ensuring adoption and value

  • Our frontline employees use AI insights in real time to enable their daily decision making - 4.5x
  • We systematically track a comprehensive set of well-defined key performance indicators for AI - 4.2x

Building the AI-Powered Organization

"It’s not uncommon to see analytics staff made the owners of AI products. However, because analytics are simply a means of solving business problems, it’s the business units that must lead projects and be responsible for their success. Ownership ought to be assigned to someone from the relevant business, who should map out roles and guide a proj­ect from start to finish. Sometimes organizations assign different owners at different points in the development life cycle (for instance, for proof of value, deployment, and scaling). That’s a mistake too, because it can result in loose ends or missed opportunities."

Analytics translator: The new must-have role

  • Domain knowledge
  • General technical fluency
  • Project-management skills
  • Entrepreneurial spirit